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Welcome[вики-тексты үҙгәртергә]

Welcome to the Wright Challenge. It's getting busy - 3 barnstars so far! Feel free to ask questions here or here, or ask Andrew or I. Victuallers 22:30, 7 Май (Һабанай) 2011 (UTC)

Score updated in multilingual challenge[вики-тексты үҙгәртергә]

Hi we added your score to the "Wright Challenge" page. Hope you are enjoying the challenge Victuallers 11:41, 18 Май (Һабанай) 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for all your contributions to the Wright Challenge. I added some categories -- I hope I did it right! You and Comp1089 have easily attained Challenge 1 and you will get your barnstars -- just as soon as you add a page in any other language. I'm sure this won't be a problem for you.
Notice that there's a new barnstar being awarded to those Wikipedians or teams who reach 72 points. I hope you'll work on with us. But we need your help. We'd like to spread this challenge to some other languages. Would you be able to go to the main talk page of any other language Wikipedia (maybe Tatar, maybe other languages of Russia?) and add a one-line message and link to the challenge page. It would be really good to get some more participants. Hope you can help. Andrew Dalby 19:17, 3 Июнь (Һөтай) 2011 (UTC)

Wright Challenge[вики-тексты үҙгәртергә]

Do add yourself here ... at least approximately - Bashkir has quite a few articles. Well done. We now have 45 editors and some recent additions in French and Estonian. Victuallers 18:31, 20 Июнь (Һөтай) 2011 (UTC)

Prizegiving on Saturday at 10 UK time[вики-тексты үҙгәртергә]

Hope you are going to watch the prize giving at 10 on Saturday which should be shown here. You can log in with a Twitter account and type comments about the winners, etc. Could you send me your name, a picture and a skype address? A small bio would be useful too. Victuallers (talk) 21:02, 30 August 2011 (UTC)

From Derby[вики-тексты үҙгәртергә]

On 3rd September you can watch the LIVE WEBCAST here: meanwhile --
Three Persons Viewing the Gladiator by Candlelight.jpg

Thank you from the Wikimedia Foundation and
Thank you from Derby Museums
for your friendly participation in the Wright Challenge

This was the first multilingual Wikipedia collaboration. 51 Wikipedians took part, in at least 61 languages
Your contribution shows how we might work with any cultural institution, in any country ... that's the future of Wikipedia!

Andrew Dalby 11:55, 1 Сентябрь (Һарысай) 2011 (UTC)